Learning in Navarra


These Tuesdays and Wednesdays the two stages of the Navarra Women’s Elite Classics have been held. The UCI Rio Miera-Cantabria Sport team sought to surprise teams full of top figures and have a good experience of this demanding event.

On Tuesday the 10th the first stage was in Irurzun with 137 kilometres on the route meter and with a very mountainous profile. Our girls tried but they couldn’t get to the main group that broke up into small units until they reached the finish line.

The next day in Pamplona they faced the 125 kilometres with high temperatures of around 30ºC. The hard route and the strong initial march made the platoon jump units to look for an attack from afar. The peloton was breaking more with the passing of the kilometres. Susana Pérez and Bea Roxo fought throughout the route until they slipped into a fourth group with which they entered the finish line.

The Sports Director Roberto San Emeterio expressed his opinion at the conclusion of the test that his team “has not lost face at any time during the race and has served us as an apprenticeship, so I am happy. We will try to continue taking advantage of all the opportunities we have to show our potential.”

The next appointment for the team will be this weekend with the two tests of the Spanish Women’s Cup in Almería and Murcia.