Lucinda Brand solo winner in the sand at Exact Cross Mol

Lucinda Brand of Baloise Trek Lions emerged victorious at the Zilvermeercross in Mol, Belgium, taking the lead in the first lap and maintaining her dominance throughout the race. Brand, who is known for her cyclocross prowess, lived up to her favourite status, decisively breaking away from teammate Shirin van Anrooij in the third lap. Van Anrooij and Laura Verdonschot completed the podium, showcasing their skills in a race marked by notable absentees like Fem van Empel and Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado.

The race started with Brand and Van Anrooij taking an early lead, quickly followed by Verdonschot. However, it was in the sandy stretches of the third lap that Brand made her decisive move, leaving Van Anrooij behind. Despite initial struggles, Van Anrooij managed to secure second place, with Verdonschot finishing third.

Brand, reflecting on her performance, expressed satisfaction with her handling of the sandy course, a surface she has often found challenging. “It was tough, but it felt good. I felt it was time to go. I thought I better just give it a try,” she said, noting the importance of her training with Sven Nys for this particular race.

Van Anrooij, on the other hand, acknowledged Brand’s superiority on the day, stating, “Lucinda was the strongest today. We were close at the beginning, but I had a bad lap and missed all the good lines. After that, I simply didn’t see her again.”

The race, taking place on a course notorious for its sand, saw Brand adapt and excel, marking a significant victory in her cyclocross season. The event was not just a display of individual brilliance but also highlighted the strength and tactics of the Baloise Trek Lions team.

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Main photo credit: Cor Vos

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