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Mareille Meijering Extends Movistar Team Contract until 2027


In a significant move for Movistar and Meijering, the team has announced the renewal of Mareille Meijering’s contract for the next three seasons. The Dutch cyclist, aged 29, has solidified her commitment to the WorldTour outfit, showcasing her dedication to cycling after transitioning full-time to the sport just a year and a half ago from lecturing as an economics professor.

Meijering’s journey with the team has been marked by strong performances. Despite facing a challenging injury in 2023, she has swiftly risen to prominence within Movistar, delivering notable achievements in the early stages of 2024. Notably, she claimed victory in the Vuelta a Extremadura and demonstrated her attacking prowess during the Trofeo Alfredo Binda, plus taking a commendable 9th position in the face of fierce competition at Jebel Hafeet in the UAE Tour Women.

Reflecting on her journey, Meijering expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement she has received from the team. “My life has changed significantly over the past year,” she remarked. “Transitioning from a career in university teaching to dedicating myself entirely to cycling… 2023 presented its challenges with injuries and sporting setbacks, but my primary focus this winter was on maintaining my health and giving my all.”

Meijering’s transformation from a supportive team player to a victorious professional cyclist has been nothing short of remarkable. “It’s been a surprise to see how much I’ve been able to improve in recent months,” she acknowledged. “From playing a supporting role to securing my first professional win just two weeks ago is truly incredible.”

The camaraderie and supportive environment within Movistar Team have played a pivotal role in Meijering’s journey. “The team has shown unwavering belief in me, supporting me through tough times and providing the time and space I needed to recover,” she stated. “Joining Movistar Team, I’ve realised the true meaning of ‘team as family’. The atmosphere is fantastic, with a high level of professionalism among both riders and staff.”

Looking ahead, Meijering is optimistic about her future in cycling and eager to continue her development within the team. “My future goals? The sky’s the limit,” she declared. “Consistency will be key, and I believe there’s still much I can learn from my teammates and the staff. Despite nearing the age of a veteran cyclist, I’m constantly inspired by the energy and expertise of those around me.”