Marianne Vos going well post-surgery, not ruling out racing this cyclocross season

Marianne Vos

Jan Boven, the coach at Jumbo-Visma, has shared an update on Marianne Vos’s recovery progress. Boven reported that Vos, who had to prematurely conclude her season in August due to a pinched femoral artery, is making positive strides in her recovery. Vos underwent a significant operation, which thankfully did not lead to any complications.

Vos, who faced similar challenges early in 2023, began cycling again five weeks post-surgery. This marked a fresh start after a five-week hiatus from any physical activity. With the guidance of her new trainer, Rutger Tijssen, she gradually increased her training intensity, eventually reaching two hours of daily training without issues.

Recently, Vos undertook a training stint in Mallorca, further advancing her rehabilitation process. Boven noted her progress, stating, “She is on her way back after quite a major operation. Initially, the plan didn’t include participating in cyclocross this winter, but her recovery is going well. So, there’s a possibility, although the primary focus is on road racing.”

In the meantime, Jumbo-Visma has been bolstering its ranks with emerging talent like Fem van Empel. Van Empel has been making a mark in the cyclocross scene and is expected to have a strong road season in 2024. Her prominence was evident during Jumbo-Visma’s announcement of their new sponsor Lease a Bike, where she was featured significantly in the promotional photo. Boven remarked, “Marianne couldn’t attend the event, but Fem would have been there too. Fem represents the future of our team. While we are well aware of Marianne’s capabilities and continue to greatly benefit from them, it’s exciting to see new talents like Fem coming through.”

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