Marta Romeu to Continue with Laboral Kutxa-Euskadi Through 2024 Season

Marta Romeu Vuelta Andalucia 2023 Stage 3

Spanish cyclist Marta Romeu has confirmed that she will remain with the Laboral Kutxa-Euskadi Foundation for the 2024 season via a team announcement. Romeu, who originates from Aldaia in the Valencian Community, has made her mark in her first year with the Basque team by showcasing her physical prowess and racing capabilities.

In a significant development, Romeu achieved a historic win for the team in the Tour of Andalucia, marking the squad’s first victory at the UCI level. This breakthrough serves as a testament to Romeu’s potential and sets a precedent for the team’s future engagements.

With a focus on road racing, Romeu has excelled on the tarmac, making the most of the resources and training schedule provided by her team. She expressed her aspiration to continue advancing in the sport, mentioning key values like her ambition to improve, the capacity to face challenges, and an unwavering passion for cycling. She said, “I am thrilled to continue growing as a cyclist with this wonderful team that has given me the chance to turn professional this year. I am fortunate that they continue to trust in my athletic projection.”

Ion Lazkano, the sports director of the Laboral Kutxa-Euskadi Foundation, highlighted Romeu’s value to the team, particularly in the middle mountains and in breakaways. He stated, “Marta is a cyclist of great worth who can make significant contributions during races. She has displayed her level this year and is a high-potential cyclist who can go far, especially with our support.”

This year, Romeu made history by securing the team’s first UCI-level victory in a stage of the Tour of Andalucia. She also claimed her first win of 2023 in Villaquilambre as part of the Spanish Cup. Romeu has competed in the latter part of the season’s French, Belgian, and Italian classics and stood out in the La Picto Charentaise race. Additionally, she participated in the Gravel World Championships in October.

As for the team roster, Laboral Kutxa-Euskadi’s lineup for 2024 will consist of 17 riders, including Naia Amondarain, Yurani Blanco, Idoia Eraso, and Jessenia Meneses among the newcomers. Existing team members like Usoa Ostolaza, Alba Teruel, and Eneritz Vadillo will be renewing their contracts alongside Romeu. There is just one rider left to announce. The foundation plans to announce the last cyclist for the 2024 season in the coming days and will convene next week in Elgoibar to establish the basis for the next year.

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