Pfeiffer Georgi and Juliette Labous made the decisive breakaway after a hard fought second stage of the Women’s Tour as 10 riders broke away inside the final kilometres to hold a lead of 42 seconds to the line. After trying to break clear ahead of the final kilometre, Georgi and Labous eventually finished fifth and ninth respectively in the small group sprint.

The stage presented another rolling profile in tough weather conditions with intermittent rain, wind and wet roads from start to finish. Despite a fast start and lots of attacking, no real break went clear all day until the closing kilometres.

Inside the final 20 kilometres a few strong moves started to break clear with the team making sure they were represented in each move. But it wasn’t until six kilometres from the line that the decisive move went with Pfeiffer and Juliette being alert to the move. They quickly build a lead of 45 seconds and heading into the final 1500 metres Juliette put in a solo move before Pfeiffer countered, only to be caught in sight of the line but leaving it all on the road.

With both finishing in the top 10, teammate Lorena Wiebes came over the line 42 seconds behind winning the bunch sprint completing a strong collective finish for the team.


After the stage Pfeiffer Georgi said: “It was a really hard day of racing with it being constantly up and down and attacks from the start, as well as strong wind and rain. We rode really well as a team being represented in all the dangerous moves before Juliette and I got into the winning break of 10 riders on the last lap.

“Juliette set me up perfectly with an attack in the last two kilometres and I went over the top and managed to get a gap solo. I committed 100% to the line but got caught in the last 150m, but have no regrets as we did everything we could to get the stage win. We also now sit in a good place on GC ahead of tomorrow’s TT.”

Team DSM coach Albert Timmer added: “Pfeiffer sums up nicely good how our day was today on a stage where the girls did a good race from start to finish. All the team were sharp and ready to go from the start and this was important today given how the stage panned out. One mishap was that Lorena had a small crash today but she looks fine and finished strongly. At the end of the stage when we look to the GC we made a nice move today placing two in the top eight riders.”