Puck Pieterse poised for cyclocross comeback: “Aiming to match Fem van Empel’s level”

Puck Pieterse 2023 Waterloo

The cyclocross community eagerly anticipates Puck Pieterse’s comeback in the upcoming World Cup in Troyes following a period of rest. After a strenuous summer and a second-place finish at the World Cup in Waterloo, Pieterse took a break. Despite this, she remained content with her performance, having spent little time on a cyclocross bike beforehand. Christoph Roodhooft, team leader and sports manager, conversed with WielerFlits, sharing insights on Pieterse’s readiness to challenge Fem van Empel once more.

The Summer of Mountain Biking

During the summer, Pieterse dedicated herself to mountain biking, securing victories in both the World Cup Cross Country and the World Cup Short Track. Roodhooft commented on Pieterse’s impressive fitness at the end of the mountain bike season but maintained that a break was a prudent choice given her young age. He acknowledged the delicate balance between resting adequately and maintaining fitness for a smooth transition back into cyclocross.

Roodhooft, while discussing Pieterse’s potential, suggested that the dynamics between her and Van Empel would likely remain similar to the previous year. He highlighted Pieterse’s confidence boost from her successful mountain biking season and alluded to a lesser performance by Van Empel in the same discipline. Nevertheless, Roodhooft expects the two to be closely matched in the cyclocross events.

Pieterse’s Technical Mastery and Youthful Enthusiasm

Roodhooft expressed hope that a third contender would join Pieterse and Van Empel, thereby intensifying the competition. He emphasised Pieterse’s technical proficiency, which positions her among the best in cyclocross. While her enthusiasm is a double-edged sword, Roodhooft believes that with time and experience, it will become a significant advantage. Furthermore, he acknowledged her tendency to start aggressively or attempt overly ambitious manoeuvres during races as a characteristic of her youthful exuberance. He remained confident that this is an aspect of her racing that will improve with maturity.

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