Qualities To Look For in a Cycling Coach

Marieke van Wanroij

Suppose you are trying to find a coach to improve your cycling skills, several essential things to consider. The right coach will take you to the next level. They will be your accountability partner and motivation. Here are a few things to consider when trying to find a good cycling coach.

  1. Competence

The person you pick to be your coach must be competent. They must have the appropriate experience and qualifications. Nothing else matters if your coach isn’t qualified. They should have direct experience in the field of cycling. The best coaches can discuss and understand your objectives. They can take you through different phases of growth until you attain the desired level of experience. When trying to determine the competence of your coach, please don’t take their word. Ask to see the paperwork and ask all the critical questions.

  1. Communication

The best cycling coaches have good communication skills, pass across important messages, respectful, and are professional. It is impossible to achieve a mutual understanding of your programs if there is a communication breakdown. Communication is arguably the essential aspect of coaching. It is a two-way street that will make your relationship successful and easy. Find an excellent communicator to be your coach and ensure that you communicate well too.

  1. Openness

The best coaches are open. They share information with you without worrying about contradicting philosophies. The more open a coach is, the more likely they are to experiment with new strategies and information. In the modern world, it is critical to keep up with changes. If, for example, you want to use an app to supplement your workouts, they should be able to give suggestions. They shouldn’t be afraid to warn you about a website that doesn’t match your goals. Openness will also cultivate a good relationship with you. It gives you confidence that your coach has your best interest at heart and isn’t holding anything back.

  1. Proper Planning

The right cycling coach can create plans that align with your priorities. They know what you want and work to help you get it. They know about your life on cycling trails just as well as your personal life. They understand how things like stress at work, divorce proceedings, or strained romantic relationships can influence your performance. The more your coach can understand these factors about your performance, the better they can help you. 

  1. Focus On You

The best coaches are athlete-focused. They have your best interest at heart and go out of their way to help you meet your goals. If they are only in the job for the money or status, they may not offer much help. Passionate coaches create personalised programmes instead of going with generic ones. They aim to give you the best customised experience possible. It is important as all cyclists are different. Everyone deserves a unique program.

  1. Honesty

Honesty is one of the heaviest caps that coaches have to wear. Your cycling coach has to tell you what you are doing wrong just as well as tell you if you are doing things right. Honesty will help you reflect on your performance through realistic lenses. It may push you to work harder towards your goals. Honest conversations may be difficult, but they are necessary. If your goals aren’t realistic, and honest coach will be happy to let you know. They will also tell you if you are aiming too low.

  1. Lifelong Learners

No one knows everything, not even your coach. Choose one that is flexible and always willing to learn. If they keep learning, they will always have new information for you. The best way to determine this quality is by asking about their lives. Find what they are doing to improve their knowledge in cycling. Being a lifelong learner is not just about academics. It is about their general ability to improve their skills over time. They should have a system to improve speed, power out, and promote faster recovery. A good coach is always trying to get better. 

Finding a good cycling coach may be more complicated than you imagine. It is one of the things that can make or break you as a cyclist. Luckily, there are many great coaches out there. It would be best if you find them. Their best qualities include honesty, willingness to learn, competence, and good communication skills. If you aren’t sure about a coach, do not be afraid to ask questions. Hire them only when you are confident in their ability to improve your skill and promote success. In the end, a good coach influences your general enjoyment and success.

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