Remco Evenepoel hints at competing in the 2024 Tour de France: “Heading to La Grande Boucle”

Remco Evanepoel

In a subtle yet suggestive move, Belgium’s cycling sensation, Remco Evenepoel, has hinted at his participation in next year’s Tour de France through a recent Strava post. Though no official confirmation has come forth, Evenepoel’s training activities and social media updates are fuelling speculation about his debut in the prestigious race. His Strava post, accompanied by the message “On to Le Grand Boucle” in French, is a clear nudge towards his intentions for the upcoming season.

The young Belgian cyclist appears to be in full swing with his pre-season training. Following some rides in Belgium last week, Evenepoel is reportedly now in Calpe, a region he frequents, presumably for its favourable training conditions. The cyclist known as the ‘Aerokogel van Schepdaal’ is documented to have clocked in over a hundred kilometres on his first training day there, signalling the start of an intense preparation phase.

Dual Flags Raise Questions

A source of intrigue in Evenepoel’s recent update is his use of both French and Italian flag emojis. This choice of symbols could be interpreted in various ways. Evenepoel, who races for the Soudal Quick-Step team, has previously expressed interest in tackling the Giro d’Italia-Tour de France double in 2024, an idea which his team manager, Patrick Lefevere, has advised against. The inclusion of the Italian flag, however, might also be a nod to the Tour de France’s 2024 grand départ from Florence, the Tuscan capital, blending the rider’s possible race plans with the race’s itinerary.

Evenepoel’s activity on Strava doesn’t just illuminate his training patterns but also serves as a communication channel with fans and followers, keeping the cycling community abuzz with anticipation. As of now, the cycling world awaits official word, but the clues are aligning, suggesting that the Belgian rider may indeed be gearing up for a challenge at ‘Le Grand Boucle’ next year, potentially adding another chapter to his already impressive young career.