Fizik Antares Saddle: A Review

Fizik Antares Saddle

The Fizik Antares saddle is a testament to Fizik’s ability to blend style and function seamlessly. This saddle showcases a unique profile that merges the best characteristics of the company’s Arione and Aliante models. The saddle offers a relatively flat profile with a slight curve towards the tail, making it ideal for riders favouring a more aggressive, performance-oriented position. Nevertheless, the Antares exhibits a commendable degree of flexibility, making it adaptable to a range of riding styles.

The Advantage of the Full-length Central Cut-Out

As always, there are plenty of things to consider when buying a new saddle. One of those is whether a cut-out is ideal for you. The Fizik Antares saddle’s standout feature is its full-length central cut-out, an integral part of Fizik’s Versus Evo range. This design, by providing better pressure distribution across the soft tissue region, significantly enhances rider comfort during prolonged rides. The cut-out also boosts airflow, effectively mitigating heat build-up. It’s important to note, however, that riders transitioning from a saddle without a cut-out may require some adjustment time to acclimate to this feature.

A Comfort-Focused Design

The Fizik Antares is synonymous with comfort, a testament to the generous padding incorporated into its design. This padding ensures an agreeable comfort level without compromising the firmness sought by performance-oriented riders. The durable yet soft-to-touch Microtex cover not only enhances comfort but also resists wear and tear effectively. The saddle shell, made of carbon-reinforced nylon and integrated with WingFlex technology, strikes a balance between flex and support, further enhancing the comfort quotient.

The Ideal Rider for the Fizik Antares Saddle

The Antares saddle will most likely appeal to serious riders who value a harmonious blend of comfort and performance. Its full-length cut-out could prove particularly beneficial for riders who spend extensive hours on the saddle. Furthermore, it’s an excellent option for cyclists who prefer an aggressive posture but also desire a degree of saddle flexibility.

The Fizik Antares saddle is an enticing proposition for cyclists seeking a performance-oriented saddle that doesn’t compromise on comfort or durability. The quality is undeniably top-notch, as is expected from a Fizik product, and the design is well thought out. However, as the suitability of a saddle is largely dependent on individual rider preferences and anatomy, we always recommend a trial before purchase.