Riding the Silverstone F1 Circuit on a TT bike

Silverstone Dolan TT Bike

I’ve managed to ride a bike or go around a couple of F1 circuits so far – including far away ones like Albert Park in Melbourne. The last time I got to ride on Silverstone was in the pre-Strava days (yes, they did exist and no, I’m not that old) back in 2011.

Back then it was a chance for the circuit’s owners, the BRDC, to show off its fancy new pit buildings and slight re-jig as the iconic start-finish straight was moved to another part of the circuit. These days, it’s possible once a month to hand over a fiver on a particular day and gain access.

All sorts took the chance to ride – from people like me on their TT bikes, to road racers working together to go fast and all the way down the scales to kids and parents just out for a jolly. It got pretty busy as the session went on but I took the filmed lap below when it was relatively quiet still – quick laps become harder once sharing with more riders.

Silverstone F1 Circuit Map

Silverstone Circuit Map
Silverstone Dolan TT Bike
I ‘crashed’ and rolled the bike in the gravel trap

Riding the Silverstone F1 Circuit

YouTube video

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