Riejanne Markus secures three-year Women’s WorldTour contract

Riejanne Markus has confirmed that she has secured her place in the Women’s WorldTour for the next three years, which her husband and agent, Jasper Ockeloen, confirmed in the podcast The Adventure Stache. The team Markus will join remains undisclosed, though earlier rumours suggested a move to Lidl-Trek.

In the podcast, Jasper Ockeloen was asked about the crashes in the peloton and the risks his wife, Riejanne Markus, faces at a high level. In his response, Ockeloen revealed the news of her new contract. “We are now very happy that she has a new contract for three years, but right after the last crash, I thought: what is such a contract worth if she also gets into such an accident?”

Markus will therefore continue to compete at the highest level for the next three years. “You cannot be prepared for every risk and you cannot avoid all risks. We both love cycling. So that feeling is much stronger,” Ockeloen expressed his enthusiasm. No further details about the contract were disclosed.

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