Roval Terra CLX EVO Wheelset: A Review

Whether you’re a passionate road cyclist or a seasoned gravel grinder, the Roval Terra CLX EVO Wheelset is worth your consideration. This wheelset strikes a remarkable balance of lightness, stiffness, and robustness that sets it apart in the market.

These top-of-the-line wheels weigh in at an impressively low 1296 grams. This featherweight character is a significant advantage for those uphill battles, where every gram saved makes a noticeable difference. In fact, the weight, or lack thereof, puts the Roval Terra CLX EVO Wheelset amongst the lightest options available in the category.

But don’t be fooled by its lightness. This wheelset packs a punch in terms of stiffness. Whilst riding, it was clear that they will deliver an immediate response when you put power through the pedals, resulting in excellent acceleration. Whether you’re making a breakaway on the tarmac or sprinting to the crest of a dirt hill, you’ll find that the wheelset will be up for the task.

Compared to other wheelsets in its class, it’s the versatility here that shone through. Some wheelsets lean towards being optimised for either road or gravel use, but these straddled both terrains commendably. It manages to combine the performance of a road wheelset with the durability necessary for gravel rides, a blend that is not easy to achieve.

For those who often switch between tarmac and trails, these wheels are a perfect match. Its versatility means that it’s ideally suited for events that feature mixed terrains, such as gravel races or adventurous sportives. Even on pure road rides, the Roval Terra CLX EVO Wheelset holds its own, so there’s no need to switch wheelsets between rides.

The likely price to pay in the UK is around £2,200. While it is clearly a significant investment for many riders, the wheelset’s versatility, lightness, and stiffness could make it a worthy addition to your cycling arsenal. Especially if you’re still on the stock wheels that came with your bike, upgrading your wheels with these hoops will feel like night and day.

In conclusion, the Roval Terra CLX EVO Wheelset is a top-tier option for those seeking performance across both road and gravel conditions. It combines an impressive weight specification with robustness and responsive ride quality. If you’re a rider who values flexibility and performance, the Roval Terra CLX EVO Wheelset should be on your shortlist.

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