Sara Van de Vel announces her decision to retire

Sara Van de Vel

Sara Van de Vel, the Belgian professional cyclist has announced her decision to retire from professional racing. Van de Vel, who turned professional as a triathlete before transitioning to cycling, has been a prominent figure in the sport, having raced for Ciclotel in 2020, IBCT from 2021-2022 and for the Fenix-Deceuninck Development Team in 2023.

The highlight of her cycling career was clinching the victory at Binche–Chimay–Binche pour Dames in 2021 and securing a second place in the time trial stage at Gracia Orlova in the current season. Moreover, Van de Vel was a key competitor in the break at A Travers Les Hauts de France this year.

Reflecting on her career, Van de Vel expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the relationships she formed, the experiences she amassed, and the myriad places she explored through her career. She accredited more than two decades of unwavering commitment and perseverance for teaching her resilience during challenging moments, shaping her into who she is, and blessing her with lifelong friendships.

Van de Vel Retirement

The previous year marked a pivotal moment for Van de Vel, sparking a realisation that life offers more than competitive sports. She now feels poised to embrace a new chapter, eager to explore the world of sports from a fresh perspective. In her parting message, Van de Vel extended her appreciation to everyone who contributed to her remarkable journey, optimistically noting the likelihood of future reunions. With a playful sign-off, she announced her eagerness to participate in any exciting sporting ventures, indicating her retirement from professional cycling but not from the joy of the sport itself.

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