Simone Boilard in our colours in 2023

Simone Boilard in our colours in 2023
It is one of the trump cards of our Pro Women team, the Canadian Simone Boilard will re-engage with us in 2023. Like this season, Simone will occupy a central place in our workforce to continue to progress towards the highest international level.

Simone Boilard : “I am very happy to announce that I will continue next year with St Michel – Auber93! This year, the team welcomed me with open arms after years of bad luck. Immediately, I was able to benefit from a familiar environment to start my first season in Europe. Already in half a season, I have experienced ups and downs, and I have been able to count on their support each time! 2023 will be another learning season for me. The team will also continue to evolve. I think that after a first UCI year and the participation in several great races in 2022, we will have more experience and the good results will come more naturally for the Madeleines. Already looking forward to next year!”

Stéphane Javalet, Manager : “It is a real satisfaction that Simone faces confidence in the structure for next year. 2023 will be a year of the end of high-level apprenticeship. Her signature will allow her to have a leadership role with a solid team around her!”

Charlotte Bravard, DS : “I am very happy that Simone is continuing the adventure with us next year! It is a guarantee of confidence that she remains among us. We will try to do even better next year around her.”