Specialized becomes key sponsor for VolkerWessels Cycling Team and new 2024 jersey is available


The VolkerWessels Cycling Team has proudly announced its new partnership with Specialized, a renowned bicycle and equipment brand. This collaboration heralds a fresh chapter of innovation and advancement for the team after previously being known as Parkhotel Valkenburg in the women’s cycling peloton.

Both the men’s and women’s squads of the VolkerWessels Cycling Team will be equipped with the Specialized Tarmac SL8 Pro for their upcoming races. This bike, celebrated for its exceptional performance and aerodynamics, will be instrumental in elevating the team’s racing capabilities. During time trial events, the team will utilise the S-works Shiv, ensuring they have the best technology at their disposal. Specialized will also provide a comprehensive range of equipment, including shoes, helmets, saddles, tires, and Roval wheels.

Robert de Jong of Specialized expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting their commitment to supporting the team’s pursuit of professional excellence. He stated that Specialized products are crafted to enhance performance, and they are eager to assist the team in reaching their ambitious goals.

VolkerWessels Cycling Team 2024 jersey

Marnix Drysdale, representing the VolkerWessels Cycling Team, shared his enthusiasm for this collaboration with Specialized. He emphasised that the partnership is a significant step for the team, especially with the inclusion of their women’s team. Drysdale believes that Specialized’s materials and expertise will lay a strong foundation for the team’s future successes.

The partnership between the VolkerWessels Cycling Team and Specialized is set for an indefinite period, reflecting the mutual confidence and long-term vision shared by both parties. With Specialized’s support, the team is poised to achieve new heights in the upcoming seasons.

The 2024 line-up of the VolkerWessels Cycling Team is impressive, featuring a diverse and talented roster of riders from the Netherlands and Belgium. The team is set to make significant strides in the competitive cycling world, bolstered by this strategic partnership with Specialized.

2024 VolkerWessels Cycling Team line-up

  • Femke Beuling
  • Valerie Demey
  • Anneke Dijkstra
  • Eline Jansen
  • Anne Knijnenberg
  • Marieke Meert
  • Laura Molenaar
  • Meis Poland
  • Quinty Schoens
  • Scarlett Souren
  • Sabrina Stultiens
  • Julia van Bokhoven
  • Lisa van Helvoirt
  • Anne van Rooijen
  • Sofie van Rooijen
  • Marith Vanhove
  • Margot Vanpachtenbeke