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Women’s Tour 2022 Race Preview

Officially this race is just called the Women’s Tour but may have to unofficially finally become the Women's Tour of Britain. With the Tour de France Femmes coming, the original name all feels just a little too vague. The Women’s Tour is another race affected by COVID in 2020, but 2021 saw the race return, albeit in September rather than its usual timeslot of June.

Dwars door de Westhoek 2022 Race Preview

Dwars Door de Westhoek takes place in the corner of Belgium, next to the French border, called Heuvelland. It’s the area most commonly associated with the Gent Wevelgem races. Starting and finishing in Boezinge, the riders are treated to 3 ascents of the Rodeberg before heading back into town.

RideLondon Classique 2022 Race Preview

The RideLondon Classique came into being after the 2012 Olympics that were held in London. Looking for a legacy event that would ensure cycling remained important after the Games, a men's and women's race in London were created.

Thüringen Ladies Tour 2022 Race Preview

The Thüringen Ladies Tour has a long history in women's cycling. First run in 1986, the race was one of the key races on the eastern side of the iron curtain. With the Peace Race a major event for male cyclists (and told well by Dieter Wiedemann in his book) the Thüringen Ladies Tour tried to emulate that for women.

Vuelta a Burgos Feminas 2022 Race Preview

Another relatively new race in Spain, the Vuelta a Burgos Feminas will have only its 3rd edition at UCI level in 2022. The race's history goes back a little further though, raced as a national level Spanish race with some big names on the previous winners list. Anna van der Breggen won the head to head against Annemiek van Vleuten last year. The climb up to Lagunas de Neila on the last stage was the major battleground.

Itzulia Women 2022 Race Preview

With this year's Itzulia Women, women's racing in the Basque County has come full circle after quite a lot of change in recent years. We used to have the long-term staple of the Emakumeen Bira stage race which ran from 1988 to 2019. One of the major stage races, surprisingly given the climbing it was a race that neither Anna van der Breggen nor Annemiek van Vleuten ever actually won.

GP Eco-Struct 2022 Race Preview

The GP Eco-Struct has a history at the national level in Belgium but was raised to UCI level in 2020. After a pair of victories from Lorena Wiebes, the race moves up to 1.1 and starts to feel like an established, secure race now.

Vuelta Ciclista Andalucia Ruta Del Sol 2022 Race Preview

A new race for 2022, the Vuelta Ciclista Andalucia Ruta Del Sol or Women's Ruta del Sol will offer plenty of climbing for the riders. It's the first time the women will race the Vuelta a Andalucia, with the men's race dating back to the 1950s.

Tour de Bretagne Féminin 2022 Race Preview

The Tour de Bretagne Féminin has been run since the 1980s, albeit with some interruptions. Catherine Marsal won a pair of the early editions, before Jeannie Longo unsurprisingly won too. It was German rider Hanka Kupfernagel who was the first to win 3 editions of the race though. She was joined on 3 victories by Marina Jaunatre in the mid-2000s. Brit Emma Pooley won in 2008, taking 2 stages along the way.

Leiedal Koerse E3 Saxobank Classic Women 2022 Race Preview

The Leiedal Koerse is born out of the Vlaamse Pijl and a criterium race in Bavikhove. Earlier this year, the E3 Saxobank Classic announced that it was joining forces with Leiedal Koerse to create what is effectively a women's E3 race.

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