TALENT Elabo Development Team is looking forward to 2021


No fewer than twelve riders will wear the shirt of the TALENT Elabo Development elite team in 2021. The elite club team is an international group, with ambitious riders from all over the world.

“Marit Wasmus, Sophie Tierolf and Fleur van der Peet continue from the junior team”, says TALENT Cycling trainer Stefan van Klink. “This promotion is always nice to see: that’s what we have in mind with our organisation. Step-by-step growth is also possible with our four-team model and we are therefore very happy that riders appreciate this too. ”

“Recurring names in the elite team with Elabo BV as loyal title partner are Lieke van Weereld, Alina Lange, Myrthe Willemsen and Clara Nuspan. Laura van Regenmortel is taking a step back from our UCI team, but we are happy that she remains active within our ranks. I also think she can teach other riders a lot. ”

“Of course I am also happy that Lieke, Alina, Myrthe and Clara remain loyal to us. Our organisation stands or falls with continuity, of course. It is a privilege to work with them and I look forward to their developments in 2021. ”

“Among the elites, we have four new additions to the organisation. Lea Waldhoff and Petra Welmers make the switch from the juniors. In recent years, Lea rode for Mangersteder Bayern, a German team, Petra comes from Wielerzone. Demi Beernink and Emma Russchen start their first year of internship with the team. In contrast to teammates, they do not have much competition experience yet, but they have expressed the ambition to change that very quickly. We would like to help them with that. ”

TALENT Elabo Development Elite club squad in 2021

  • Myrthe Willemsen
  • Lieke van Weereld
  • Elizabeth Nuspan
  • Alina Lange
  • Marit Wasmus
  • Sophie Tierolf
  • Fleur van der Peet
  • Laura van Regenmortel
  • Petra Welmers
  • Lea Waldhoff
  • Demi Beernink
  • Emma Russchen