Team adds climbing power to 2023 roster with Becky Storrie

Team adds climbing power to 2023 roster with Becky Storrie

The team is excited to announce the signing of 23-year-old Becky Storrie for the next two years. The Isle of Man native transitioned to cycling from triathlon racing after recovering from chronic fatigue and has since become a prominent name in the UK domestic racing scene, finishing second at the Ryedale GP last year and top 10 on the Black Mountain in this year’s Women’s Tour. Although she only began cycle racing in 2019, she has impressed the team with her dedication and improvement over the last 18 months, as General Manager Tom Varney explained.

“Despite the team not racing as much in the UK, we still keep a close eye on the domestic scene and follow the racing, the riders and observe their development. We’ve been impressed with Becky over the last 18 months, and even though she’s a newcomer to the sport, we see a lot of potential. The way she is as a person also fits with our team’s philosophy.”

Becky currently races for CAMS – Basso, where she transferred from the development team of Cycle OnForm after a podium place at last year’s Ryedale GP in Yorkshire. A strong climber, Becky is looking forward to gaining experience in the European peloton and developing her skillset as a rider in the right environment.

“I’ve been following the team ever since I started cycling. I’ve always known who they were, and I’ve just loved following the progress of the team each year and watching them go from strength to strength,” said Becky.

“For me, being so new to cycling, obviously I take it very seriously and I want to get better but to do that for me it’s about being in the right environment and being happy on my bike. And whenever I’ve been at events with the team there that’s the vibe they give off, that it’s just a really good place to be. And that’s exactly where I want to be.”

While she has proved herself as a strong climber, she’s also a handy time triallist, finishing eighth in the national time trial championships in 2021. As Tom explains, Becky will have a varied calendar in 2023 as she develops and earns experience.

“She’ll be in the climbing group in the team, but we expect her to race a wider range of races to learn from the European peloton, and have different roles within the team. She will be a leader in some of the pure climbing races, but we also don’t want to put too much pressure on her.

“She already showed in The Women’s Tour this year that she can climb with some of the best with the mountain top finish where finished in the top 10, so we’re looking forward to working with her and giving her some more opportunity and seeing how she develops.”

Becky has signed for two years with the team and will begin racing in the Le Col – Wahoo colours in January 2023, a kit that she described as “the best in the peloton.”

She will be in action next at the Commonwealth Games, representing the Isle of Man.