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Team announces new equipment partnership with Wahoo Fitness

Rally Cycling and Wahoo Fitness are partnering together for the first-ever Virtual Tour de France and beyond. Both men’s and women’s programs will be supplied with Wahoo’s industry-leading indoor training ecosystem, which includes Wahoo’s KICKR trainer, KICKR Climb system, KICKR Headwind fan, and TICKR heart rate monitor.

In a technological age where every performance gain matters, Rally Cycling will now be equipped with the most advanced indoor training setup available.

Former WorldTour racer and Wahoo athlete liaison, Ian Boswell, is perfectly placed to speak on the value of performance gains.

“We’re proud to be working with America’s top-ranked men’s UCI ProTeam and women’s UCI Continental team – and aiding the team’s long tradition of success on the racecourse while helping people make positive changes toward an active, healthy lifestyle.” 

Boswell added that Wahoo’s systematic approach to training will benefit riders.

“Using a complete system for indoor training will help Rally Cycling’s professional riders continue to perform by adding more realism to indoor training and warm-ups, and give the team highly precise metrics by which to measure progress.” 

Patrick McCarty, Rally Cycling men’s team director, echoed the importance of equipment in online racing.

“We know that using the best Wahoo has to offer is going to be a huge advantage for us in the Virtual Tour de France.”

A strong connection and communication link between the athlete’s trainer and the Zwift software can be absolutely race-changing. A faulty or intermittent connection can jeopardize a rider’s placing in the race – and in the worst-case scenario can leave them adrift off the back of the pack as the peloton puts the hammer down. McCarty emphasized just how big of a difference having Wahoo equipment will make. 

“They’re the best units. Their accuracy and watts and the ability to change how the resistance ‘hits’ the trainer – you can dial all of that in better on the Wahoo equipment. It’s a superior system.”

While the Virtual Tour de France is the team’s immediate goal, Boswell also emphasized the long-term benefits of this new partnership. 

“Rally Cycling’s athletes demand the best equipment. The Wahoo training ecosystem will greatly enhance the riders’ performance this season and for years to come.”

The revolutionary KICKR climb unit that automatically adjusts for changes in gradient.

The KICKR CLIMB grade simulator allows athletes to simulate real-world climbs while training indoors, enabling riders to prepare for specific efforts. The KICKR HEADWIND smart fan will allow athletes to maintain an optimal core temperature while training. The KICKR direct-drive smart trainer offers the most realistic road feel of any smart trainer currently available so that athletes can better simulate outdoor rides while training indoors, while the TICKR heart rate monitor will ensure that important exercise data can be collected and analyzed to improve riders’ performance. 

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About Wahoo Fitness

Located in Atlanta, GA, Wahoo Fitness has created a full ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists, and general fitness enthusiasts. Wahoo’s award-winning line of products includes the KICKR family of smart indoor riding equipment and accessories, the ELEMNT family of bike computers, the TICKR family of heart rate monitors, as well as Speedplay dual-sided pedals and The Sufferfest structured training software to help you become the most complete cyclist. Learn more about Wahoo’s full line of products and apps at


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