Team Groupe Abadie Joins Forces with Canadian Continental Team for 2024 Season

Announced today, the French Team Groupe Abadie and the Canadian Primeau Vélo Racing Team are set to merge in 2024. This collaboration, announced in a recent press release, is a strategic move by the main partners, Eric Primeau and Gérard Abadie. Their decision to pool resources aims to create a robust structure that will enhance their presence across both the American and European continents.

The newly formed team, named Primeau Vélo-Groupe Abadie, will be led by an experienced management team comprising Christine Gillard, Stéphane Roger, Allyson Gillard, and Manon Goudreault. The team’s roster boasts an impressive international line-up, with 14 female cyclists hailing from seven countries – Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Cyprus. Agua Espinola is set to be announced officially soon.

Among the riders joining the team are 22-year-old Camille Primeau and 27-year-old Leonie Laubig, transitioning from original teams Primeau Vélo and Team Groupe Abadie, respectively. Their diverse skills, with Primeau’s talent as a time trialist complementing Laubig’s climbing abilities, promise a dynamic and versatile team.

This partnership marks a significant shift for Team Groupe Abadie, which moved up from N1 to the Continental level last winter. As part of the merger, the team will now operate under a Canadian license, reducing the number of French teams in the women’s Continental division next year. It’s undoubtedly linked to the move for French UCI-registered teams to pay their riders the French national minimum wage. By registering as a Canadian team, Group Abadie will be able to continue in some form at the UCI level rather than go back to National level or closing down.

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