Team Jayco-AlUla confirms 4 riders joining after Liv Racing TeqFind merger

Quinty Ton

In what was a surprise announcement for 2024, Team Jayco AlUla is set to expand by merging with Liv Racing TeqFind. A move that will add depth and strengthen its women’s squad, along with the creation of a Development Squad too. Today the team announced 4 former-Liv Racing riders who will be joining the merged team in 2024. This follows the confirmation of Spanish Champion Mavi García’s position as one of the lead riders in the new combined team. Notably, this merger will also see Dutch cyclists Quinty Ton, Silke Smulders, and Jeanne Korevaar, along with Sweden’s Caroline Andersson, join the ranks.

The growth of Team Jayco AlUla underscores the ambitions of both the squad and Liv Cycling, envisioning a harmonious blending of strengths from both World Teams. This merger paves the way for a well-rounded and diverse team as Team Jayco AlUla celebrates its 13th season in the professional women’s peloton.

Brent Copeland, Team Jayco AlUla’s General Manager, spoke highly of the merger: “Our women’s team is expanding significantly for 2024. The merger with Liv Racing TeqFind has empowered us to evolve in all dimensions. With everyone’s genuine passion and commitment, alongside the unwavering support of Liv Cycling, we’re poised for a transformative 2024 season.”

Echoing these sentiments, Eric van den Boom, next season’s manager in Team Jayco AlUla’s women’s cycling development pyramid, emphasised the shared vision between the two teams. “This is about nurturing talent and ultimately clinching race wins. Korevaar, for instance, has been a pivotal team player since she was 17. The other riders have showcased immense potential and growth.”

Caroline Andersson commented on the merger’s potential, believing that combining the strengths of two top-tier teams can lead to exceptional results. She noted her history with Liv Cycling and expressed excitement about racing with familiar teammates, especially Mavi García.

Jeanne Korevaar
Jeanne Korevaar

Jeanne Korevaar, a seasoned member of Liv Racing TeqFind since 2015, views the merger as a promising new chapter. “The union of Australian and Dutch cycling cultures offers fresh perspectives. I’m optimistic about further improving my performance, especially in the spring classics.”

Silke Smulders reflected on her successful season and expressed confidence in the merged team’s future. She appreciated the emphasis Team Jayco AlUla places on nurturing emerging talent, acknowledging the rapid growth of women’s cycling and the need for younger riders to keep pace.

Lastly, Quinty Ton conveyed her gratitude for the support she’s received at Liv Racing TeqFind and is enthusiastic about the future possibilities with Team Jayco AlUla. Highlighting the professionalism and motivation she’s experienced so far, she feels this merger will elevate their potential for success.

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