Team Parkhotel Valkenburg signs with Pien Limpens


Team Parkhotel Valkenburg is delighted to announce the signing of Pien Limpens to the team until the end of 2022. The 19-year old rider is another young Dutch talent coming over from WV Schijndel, with which the team has a close collaboration.

On joining Team Parkhotel Valkenburg Limpens said: ‘’I’m very grateful to Parkhotel Valkenburg for this opportunity. Despite the strange year, last season went very well for me. I hope I can extend this line to next year and the years that follow. I’m convinced that with this team we can do great things and that I can develop myself to the maximum within the team’s environment. I’m very motivated and I’m really looking forward to making the most of it with this new collaboration coming up.’’

Sports director Raymond Rol added: ‘’Pien is a highly motivated rider and this team could be a good start for her towards the future as a pro-rider. ‘’

Pien Limpens is the twelfth rider and with her signing, she completes the 2021 team.

Photo by Velofocus