Texas star Newsom claims victory at Gravel Locos


Emily Joy Newsom took the gravel world by storm in Hico, Texas, on Saturday, winning the inaugural Gravel Locos race ahead of some of the best gravel racers in the country.

“I’m incredibly pleased to take the win at Gravel Locos. It was great to race in a local event that hosted high profile, approachable and classy riders,” Newsom said. “Being able to take first place, in basically my own backyard of Texas, will be a lasting satisfaction coupled with the happiness of knowing the race raised a large sum of money for the local volunteer Fire Department of Hico.”

Despite crashing and losing time with approximately 60 miles to go, Newsom finished the 155-mile event with a time of 8:04:28, about 20 minutes ahead of Alison Tetrick and Jess Cerra, who finished in joint second.

Newsom celebrates after winning Gravel Locos.

“The last three hours of the race were the most brutal as the rain started falling and the roads turned into mud,” Newsom said. “While this was an added challenge, I was grateful my Cannondale Topstone handled the changing texture with ease. I was determined to stay with the small group that had now formed, but this also meant eating a lot of mud slinging up from the wheels. Most of the time, it was difficult to see through my caked glasses, and my computer map was so muddy I was grateful for the signage the race provided. Thankfully, my careful and methodical intake of calories throughout the ride was paying off, and it was simply a matter of pushing on until we finally reached the finish line, 8 hours after the start.”

Newsom wins maybe the coolest trophy ever at Gravel Locos.