The team’s new acquisition from Spain – Maria Cristina Bonafe


Aromitalia – Basso Bikes – Vaiano team is already looking to the next competitive season with renewed enthusiasm, great motivation and a lot of optimism. The team headed by the president Stefano Giugni has already secured the signing of 24-year-old Cristina Martinez Bonafé, undoubtedly one of the best talents in Iberian cycling. The athlete originally from Valencia, born on January 2, 1996, has already accumulated a good deal of experience by riding in the strongest Spanish teams and taking part in the most prestigious competitions on the international cycling calendar.“Cristina is the first piece that we have decided to include in the team in view of 2021, thus reflecting our precise desire to grow further from an international perspective – declared an enthusiastic Stefano Giugni – I am sure that this young athlete, who can already boast a good wealth of experience, will integrate perfectly with the teammates and will help us to perform well especially in the most demanding events from the altitude point of view “.

Cristina Martinez Bonafé, who in her competitive career has already participated in two editions of the “World Championship” (Ponferrada 2014 and Innsbruck 2018) and the “European Championship” (Nyon 2014 and Tartu 2015), is a climber of undoubted value, always well placed in the final general rankings of some of the most prestigious stage races in the world, including the “Giro d’Italia UCI Women’s World Tour”, the “Euskal Emakumeen Bira UCI 2.1”, the “Setmana Ciclista Valenciana UCI 2.2 ”, The“ Tour de Bretagne UCI 2.2 ”, the“ Gracia-Orlova UCI 2.2 ”and the“ Emakumeen Bira UCI Women’s World Tour ”. “This year has undoubtedly been very difficult for several reasons, but I never gave up in the face of the difficulties that faced me– said a radiant Cristina shortly after the signing of the new contract – when the proposal of the managers of Aromitalia Basso Bikes Vaiano arrived, I immediately accepted it willingly and immediately got to work to be ready at the beginning of the next competitive year. I can’t wait to fight and give the best I can for the team ”.


– Name: Cristina
– Surname: Martinez Bonafé
– Date of Birth: January 2, 1996
– Place of Birth: Valencia
– Place of Residence: Torrent (Valencian Community)
– Nationality: Spanish
– Characteristics: climber
– Previous teams: Lointek; Bizkaia Durango – Euskadi Murias; Cronos Casa Dorada Women Cycling; Bizkaia – Durango
– Main results
– 1st place “National Championship of Spain”
– 2nd place “National Championship of Spain” (Time Trial)
– Calling of the “European Championship” of Nyon (Switzerland)
– Call for the “World Championship” of Ponferrada (Spain)
SEASON 2015:
– 1st place General Youth classification “Euskal Emakumeen Bira UCI 2.1”
– 6th place “National Championship of Spain”
– Call for the “European Under 23 Championship” of Tartu ( Estonia)
SEASON 2016:
– 9th place “National Championship of Spain”
SEASON 2017:
– 9th place General Youth classification “Setmana Ciclista Valenciana UCI 2.2”
SEASON 2018:
– 7th place General Youth classification “Setmana Ciclista Valenciana UCI 2.2”
– 4th place Youth General Classification “Gracia-Orlova UCI 2.2”
– 6th place Youth General Classification “Emakumeen XXXI. Bira UCI WWT “
– 7th place “National Championship of Spain”
– 6th place General Youth classification “Giro d’Italia UCI WWT”
– Calling of the “World Championship” in Innsbruck (Austria)
SEASON 2019:
– 9th place Second Stage “Emakumeen XXXII. Bira UCI WWT ”
– 10th place General classification“ Emakumeen XXXII. Bira UCI WWT “
– 7th place General Youth classification” Tour de Bretagne UCI 2.2 “
– 9th place” National Championship of Spain “