Tour de Bretagne Féminin

Doltcini Van Eyck Sport Jersey 2020
Doltcini Van Eyck Sport Jersey 2020

Tour de Bretagne Féminin

Stage 1

After some days of in Bretagne together with the team, we had our first stage of the tour de Bretagne. We were lucky with the weather, with only a little bit rain during the last part of the race, as it can be very bad here in the region of France. Some climbs crossed our path during the race, but the peloton staid together till the finish. So we needed to prepare us for a mass sprint.

We tried to bring our local rider Pascal in the front for an atypical sprint uphill. She managed to get a top 10 result.


9: Pascale Jeuland
13: Severine Eraud
25: Vandenbulcke Jesse
34: Saartje Vandenbroucke
43: Daniela Reis
75: Marion Sicot

Stage 2

The first part of the race was easy. We don’t go really fast but it was important to be in the front because it was a little bit dangerous and with up and down. The race really starts when we arrive in a local lap because he was fast. We go fast and a lot of riders drops. We where with 3 riders of the team ‘Marion, Daniela and me in the first group with 26 other riders. The end of the race was really dangerous and we where to afraid in the first position.

10: Severine Eraud
24: Marion Sicot
26: Daniela Reis
32: Vandenbulcke Jesse
40: Saartje Vandenbroucke
83: Pascale Jeuland

Stage 3

Daniela Reis say’s “TT day in a storm day. In today’s stage we had 10km to do with lots of rain and wind as fast as 60km/h in the narrow roads of Bretagne.
We knew that today could change the all race and with severine 10th place GC yesterday we had hope that today’s time trial would give her a better position on the GC and she didn’t disappoint anybody by finishing in 4th place with the time of 15’53”.

The other girls results:
16: Pascale Jeuland 16’34
19: Saartje Vandenbroucke 16’39
29: Daniela Reis 16’49
43: Vandenbulcke Jesse 17’10
53: Marion Sicot 17’22

Stage 4

Today the sun was shining and a bit of wind. Saartje and Jesse tried to breakaway but unfortunately didn’t work. French National Team and WNT controlled all day and the speed only went up in the last 30km local laps, and it finished in a bunch sprint were Pascale finished 5th ????????.
Every stage we’ve had someone in the top10 witch is great motivation for the team.
Results: 5: Pascale 14: Jesse 38: Severine 47: Saartje 54: Marion Sicot
55: Daniela Reis