Tour de France anti-COVID protocol to keep riders in hotels and limit contact with fans

Reuters reports that the Tour de France has reacted to the issues that plagued the Giro d’Italia this year where riders were forced to leave the race in good numbers due to Covid-19. Whilst day-to-day life is relatively unaffected by Covid restrictions now, the possibility of the virus getting into the peloton, spreading and forcing riders to leave due to being unwell is still a concern.

With that in mind ASO, the Tour de France race organisers have created an anti-Covid protocol for this year’s Tour de France. It’s a bit of a return to some of the stronger restrictions of the past few years with riders and team staff due to be prevented from signing autographs and eating away from their team hotels. It marks a return to restrictions that keep fans at an arm’s length from fans before and after stages, with reporters also similarly affected. At the moment it’s unclear if it will spark a return to small mixed zones or if reporters will have pre/post-race access albeit only whilst wearing a mask.

“For all the team members: Respect confinement – Limit the interactions outside the race bubble. No eating out. Respect social distancing at the hotel. Do not get too close to the spectators – Social distancing, no selfies, no autographs.”

Reuters reported Tour de France Covid 19 Protocol chart content