Tuawa to sponsor 6th edition of Vuelta CV Feminas as route announced

5th VCV Féminas GP 2023 Floortje Mackaij

The Vuelta CV Feminas, now in its sixth edition, has been a significant event since its inception in 2019, attracting top national and international cyclists. It has made strides in women’s cycling, offering live broadcast coverage in over 200 countries and pioneering equal prize money and routes compared to its male counterpart. A new collaboration with title sponsor Tuawa is seen as a continuation of these efforts.

Tuawa, specialising in sustainable water filtration systems, has proudly announced its sponsorship of the 6th Vuelta CV Feminas. This significant partnership will see Tuawa lend its name to the women’s professional race aligned with the final stage of the VCV – Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana. The race, set to be held on February 4, 2024, will start in Bétera and finish at the Port of València.

This sponsorship marks the first time a private sponsor has named the Vuelta CV Feminas, signalling a major boost for women’s cycling visibility and commitment. Silvia Tirado, the General Director of Vuelta CV Feminas and a former Castellón cyclist, expressed her gratitude for Tuawa’s commitment. She emphasised the event’s role in showcasing the talents of the international women’s cycling peloton and noted that support like Tuawa’s enables the race to grow and improve its reach and impact.

Victoria Soltero, CEO of Tuawa by Global Omnium, highlighted the synergy between sustainability and sports. She emphasised Tuawa’s commitment to promoting environmental awareness through sports, noting the company’s involvement in various sporting events. Soltero pointed out that the Volta offers an ideal platform to emphasise the importance of protecting the environment through sustainable practices like consuming tap water instead of bottled water, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

2024 Vuelta CV Feminas Profile

2024 Vuelta CV Feminas Map


The route for the 2024 race has also been announced and looks set to be similar to the 2023 race. Originally a race that stayed flat and would finish in a guaranteed sprint, last year saw a shake-up of the parcours. Featuring two big climbs, the race split up in a big way with only 5 riders able to stay at the front of the race after the second climb. In a strong position, Movistar’s Liane Lippert and Floortje Mackaij attacked their breakaway companions – Clara Koppenburg, Erica Magnaldi and Nikola Noskova – until eventually, Mackaij was able to go clear solo to the finish line.

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