A close-knit, united, offensive group, with good results to boot


A close-knit, united, attacking group, with good results as a result, this is the assessment that Nicolas Maire, the team’s sporting director, draws up of the opening of the season in Belgium.

“The results of our three days of racing in Belgium are very satisfactory, with of course Clara’s good results, her 5th place at Het Nieuwsblad, her 6th place at Hageland and her 5th place at Samyn, but also with the podium at Vittoria, came 3rd in that same race. It was a great start for the group of Flanders classics with runners that we already knew were solid like Grace, it showed us Clara’s qualities, and Vittoria’s contribution to the group, which is very important.

The only downside being that Emilia could not run with us, victim of a fall the day before the Samyn des Dames. This is the most negative point of our coming to Belgium.

Apart from this incident, the results are successful, but much more than that, it is the spirit of the group that really made the difference. The team was able to be united, and demonstrate a beautiful collective. They knew how to run in a collective, aggressive way, and when they were in a little difficulty, they knew how to react each time to get back on the right track. It is very important for the rest of the season in order to continue on this good momentum and get even more convincing results.

These results are the fruit of the work carried out throughout the winter, whether in personal training or with the team, and also of the very good work of the staff. These three races, it rewards all these efforts, it creates a good dynamic for the group. Now almost the entire workforce has made its comeback, and is off to a good start for the season.”