Valentine Fortin triumphs again at GP d’Isbergues

Talbot Fortin Berteau 2023 GP d'Isbergues

In a powerful display of skill and strategy, Valentine Fortin clinched her fourth win of the season at the Isbergues Grand Prix on Sunday. This marks another high point for the Cofidis Women’s Team, further showcasing their growing prominence in the world of women’s cycling. Amidst palpable excitement at the finish line, Fortin stood out as she crossed ahead of her fellow cyclists, showing elation at her victory. Victoire Berteau, proudly donning her blue-white-red jersey, also raised her arms in celebration.

With prior victories in the Bretagne Ladies Tour and the À travers les hauts de France, Fortin’s consistent success serves as a testament to her team’s progression this season. In her own words, “Our performances show we have a strong team, and we’ve grown significantly this season. It promises great things ahead.”

The fifth edition of the Isbergues Grand Prix became memorable for French cycling as Fortin sprinted past the 126.1-kilometre mark, backed by Berteau, the French champion. Finishing ahead of Jade Wiel and French-speaking Canadian Simone Boilard. Forting bagged France’s inaugural win in this event.

Summing up the race, Fortin emphasised the importance of teamwork, attributing her consistent performance to her teammates’ unwavering support. Specifically, she lauded Berteau’s efforts in assisting her during the crucial final stages of the race.

The women’s race was animated by a six-rider breakaway, which included Fortin and Berteau from Cofidis and other notable riders like Jade Wiel and Maëlle Grossetête from FDJ-SUEZ. Towards the end, it was Berteau who paved the way for Fortin’s sprint, effectively holding off challenges from Wiel and Boilard. This victory, Fortin’s second in a span of eight days, solidifies her status as one of this part of the season’s most formidable cyclists.

2023 GP d’Isbergues result

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