Vanthourenhout, Cant, Riberolle, Iserbyt, and Sweeck to compete in Dendermonde World Cup Race in Belgian selection


Thibau Nys will not participate in the third World Cup of the season in Dendermonde, but the other Belgian cyclocross stars will be there. In the elite men’s race, the performances of the newly crowned European Champion Michael Vanthourenhout, Eli Iserbyt, and Laurens Sweeck are highly anticipated.

It was announced earlier today that Thibau Nys will not start in the world cup race in Dendermonde, which happens to be on his birthday. Despite being just two points behind the leader Lars van der Haar in the standings, the 20-year-old Belgian has decided to adjust his schedule and prioritize rest after a disappointing performance at the European Championships. Instead, Nys will make an appearance in Niel on Saturday.

While Nys’ absence is a blow for national team coach Sven Vanthourenhout, there is still plenty of talent in the Belgian team. Michael Vanthourenhout, who recently won his second European title, will approach the race with confidence. Eli Iserbyt and Laurens Sweeck are also considered strong contenders for victory.

In the women’s race, Sanne Cant, Laura Verdonschot, Alicia Franck, and Marion Norbert-Riberolle are the standout names to watch.

The Belgian selections for the World Cup in Dendermonde on Sunday 12th November have also been announced. In the elite women’s category, riders such as Lotte Baele, Julie Brouwers, Sanne Cant, and Alicia Franck will represent Belgium. Meanwhile, for the elite men’s race, riders such as Jens Adams, Eli Iserbyt, Laurens Sweeck, and Michael Vanthourenhout have been selected.

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