Vollering Claims La Vuelta Femenina With Dominant Final Stage Victory

Demi Vollering from SD Worx-Protime conquered the 2024 La Vuelta Femenina, celebrating her victory solo as she crossed the finish line at Valdesquí resort in the leader’s red jersey. The Dutch rider’s powerful move 6.5km from the end of the stage allowed her to shake off her rivals and secure both the stage and the overall win.

“It’s really nice to finish it off like this, we did a really good Vuelta, some podiums and two stage wins, so I think we can be very proud of ourselves,” Vollering remarked, reflecting on her team’s performance throughout the race.

The early break led by Anya Louw and Sarah Gigante
(Photo Credit: Alex Berasategi)

The final stage, spanning a brisk 89.5km from the Telefónica headquarters in Madrid, featured challenging climbs including the first-category Puerto de La Morcuera and culminated at the Cima Estela Domínguez at Valdesquí. The day’s racing heated up early with a breakaway group of 13 riders, but the critical action unfolded on the Morcuera climb where the race really began to splinter.

Sarah Gigante made an attack from the remnants of the early breakaway, but it was Pauliena Rooijakkers who eventually went clear. However, the peloton, driven by an insistent Grace Brown from FDJ-SUEZ, was relentless, catching all escapees on the descent towards Valdesquí.

The remnants of the peloton on the climb
(Photo Credit: Alex Berasategi)

With 6.5km remaining, Vollering made her decisive move, rapidly distancing herself from her closest competitors and soloing to victory. Évita Muzic of FDJ-SUEZ crossed the line 29 seconds later, securing second place on the day and dislodging Elisa Longo Borghini from the overall runner-up position by 11 seconds, as Longo Borghini struggled, finishing seventh on the stage.

Karlijn Swinkels, clad in the polka-dot jersey, spoke candidly about her experience: “I tried my best every stage until the end and enjoyed racing aggressively. I really gave my all on the last stage so I would go home with no regrets,” despite ultimately losing the jersey on the final climb to Vollering.

The race saw Vollering also clinching the polka-dot jersey, marking a spectacular return to form after a spring season without victories. “It is a good start, I hope I can do some other really nice stage races of course, and I am looking really much forward to the rest of the season,” she said, setting her sights on future challenges.

Demi Vollering holds her bike aloft
(Photo Credit: Sprint Cycling Agency)

The fierce competition for the podium spots made the final kilometres a nail-biting pursuit, with Markus and Longo Borghini battling it out until the final moments. Vollering’s triumph at Valdesquí not only sealed her victory but also demonstrated her undeniable strength and command in the race, hinting at an exciting season ahead for the Dutch star.

2024 Vuelta Femenina Stage 8 result

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2024 Vuelta Femenina GC result

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