How Do Riders Earn the Souvenir Henri Desgrange and Jacques-Goddet in the Tour de France?

Col du Tourmalet

The Souvenir Henri Desgrange is a prestigious prize awarded to the first rider to cross the Col du Galibier during each Tour de France, in honour of the race’s founder, Henri Desgrange, who passed away in 1940. If the Galibier is not included in the Tour route, the prize goes to the first rider to summit the highest point of that year’s race, similar to the Cima Coppi in the Giro d’Italia. A second prize, the Souvenir Jacques-Goddet, is awarded to the first rider over the Col du Tourmalet. If the Tourmalet is the highest point of the race, the Souvenir Henri Desgrange is given to the rider who crosses the second-highest summit. In years when the Tourmalet isn’t included, the prize might not be awarded, though exceptions occurred in 2002 on the Col d’Aubisque and in 2007 on the Port de Pailhères.

The Souvenir Henri Desgrange was first presented in 1947 when the Tour resumed after World War II. Initially, it marked various points on a stage, including locations like Desgrange’s house or mid-mountain spots. In 1950, the prize naturally shifted to the high mountains, primarily in the Alps and Pyrenees. In 1949, a monument to Henri Desgrange was erected on the Tour’s famed Col du Tourmalet, one of his favourite climbs, where a wreath is laid when the race passes. The 2023 winner of the €5,000 prize was Austrian Felix Gall of AG2R-Citröen at the summit of the Col de la Loze. Gall claimed the prize en route to a major career victory in Courchevel, finishing solo ahead of Simon Yates on Stage 17.

Richard Virenque and Nairo Quintana share the record for the most wins, each with three. However, Quintana, injured during the Tour de Suisse, won’t be able to add to his tally this year. Colombian riders have a strong history in the Souvenir Henri Desgrange, with 10 wins, placing them third overall behind France (17) and Spain (14). The highest altitude where the prize has been awarded is the Col de l’Iseran at 2,764m in 2019. That year, Colombian Egan Bernal (Team Ineos) not only won the prize but also took the yellow jersey in Paris. Conversely, the lowest point was outside Desgrange’s old house in Grimaud, Var, just five metres above sea level. Despite his love for mountains and pioneering Grand Tour routes, Desgrange lived at a modest altitude.

The Cime de la Bonette is the designated location for the Souvenir Henri Desgrange in 2024’s Tour de France. Standing at 2,715m, it is the second of three significant climbs on stage 19, ending in Isola. If the yellow jersey is still contested by then, we could witness an exciting showdown. The Souvenir Henri Desgrange might provide a crucial springboard for a decisive move before the race’s finale in Nice.

Souvenir Henri Desgrange winners

YearWinnerLocationAltitudeMountain range
1947Édouard Fachleitner
1948Roger Lambrecht
1949Paul Giguet
1950Apo LazaridèsCol du Lautaret2,058 mAlps
1951Gino SciardisCol du Lautaret2,058 mAlps
1952Fausto CoppiCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1953Claude Colette
1954Federico BahamontesCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1955Charly GaulCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1956Pierre Pardoin
1957Marcel JanssensCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1958Piet van EastCol du Lautaret2,058 mAlps
1959Charly GaulCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1960Jean GraczykCol du Lautaret2,058 mAlps
1961Joseph PlanckaertBallon d’Alsace1,247 mVosges
1962Juan CampilloCol du Lautaret2,058 mAlps
1963not awarded
1964Federico BahamontesCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1965Francisco GabicaCol du Lautaret2,058 mAlps
1966Julio JiménezCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1967Julio JiménezCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1968Barry HobanCol des Aravis1,487 mAlps
1969Eddy MerckxCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1970Raymond DelisleCol d’Aubisque1,709 mPyrenees
1971Wilmo FrancioniCôte de Dourdan
1972Joop ZoetemelkCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1973Luis OcañaCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1974Vicente Lopez CarrilCol du Galibier2,556 mAlps
1975Luis BalagueCol du Télégraphe1,566 mAlps
1976Luciano ConatiCol du Lautaret2,058 mAlps
1977Lucien Van ImpeCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
1978Christian SeznecSainte-Marie-de-CampanPyrenees
1979Lucien Van ImpeCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1980Johan De MuynckCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1981Theo de RooijCol de la Madeleine1,993 mAlps
1982André ChalmelCol du Soulor1,474 mPyrenees
1983José Patrocinio JiménezCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
1984Francisco RodriguezCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1985Pello RuizCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
1986Luis HerreraCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1987Pedro MunozCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1988Laudelino CubinoCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
1989Gert-Jan TheunisseCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1990Miguel Angel MartinezCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
1991Claudio ChiappucciCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
1992Franco ChioccioliCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1993Tony RomingerCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1994Richard VirenqueTourmalet Pass2,115 mPyrenees
1995Richard VirenqueCol de la Croix-de-Fer2,068 mAlps
1996Neil StephensCol d’Aubisque1,709 mPyrenees
1997Richard VirenquePort d’Envalira2,407 mPyrenees
1998Marco PantaniCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
1999José Luis ArrietaCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2000Pascal HervéCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2001Laurent RouxCol de la Madeleine1,993 mAlps
2002Santiago BoteroCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2003Stefano GarzelliCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2004Gilberto SimoniCol de la Madeleine1,993 mAlps
2005Alexander VinokourovCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2006Michael RasmussenCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2007Mauricio SolerCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2008Stefan SchumacherCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2009Franco PellizottiCol du Grand-Saint-Bernard2,469 mAlps
2010Andy SchleckCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2011Andy SchleckCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2012Fredrik KessiakoffCol de la Croix-de-Fer2,068 mAlps
2013Nairo QuintanaPort de Pailhères2,001 mPyrenees
2014Joaquim RodriguezCol d’Izoard2,361 mAlps
2015Simon GeschkeCol d’Allos2,247 mAlps
2016Rui CostaPort d’Envalira2,408 mPyrenees
2017Primož RogličCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2018Nairo QuintanaCol de Portet2,215 mPyrenees
2019Egan BernalCol de l’Iseran2,764 mAlps
2020Miguel Angel LopezCol de la Loze2,304 mAlps
2021Nairo QuintanaPort d’Envalira2,408 mPyrenees
2022Warren BarguilCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps
2023Felix GallCol de la Loze2,304 mAlps
2024TBCCol du Galibier2,642 mAlps

Souvenir Jacques-Goddet Winners

YearSouvenir Jacques-Goddet WinnerLocationAltitudeMountain Range
2001Laurent RouxCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2002Isidro NozalCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2003Sylvain ChavanelCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2004Bingen FernándezCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2005Mickaël RasmussenCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2006David de la FuenteCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2007Juan José CoboCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2008Egoi MartínezCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2009Franco PellizottiCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2010Andy SchleckCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2011Jérémy RoyCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2012Thomas VoecklerCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2013Pierre RollandCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2014Blel KadriCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2015Michał KwiatkowskiCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2016Rafał MajkaCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2017Warren BarguilCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2018Julian AlaphilippeCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2019Thibaut PinotCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2020Marc HirschiCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2021Wout van AertCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2022Simon GeschkeCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees
2023Giulio CicconeCol du Tourmalet2,115 mPyrenees

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