Where is best to ride gravel bikes in Wales?

Pen Y Pass Climb Snowdonia

Wales is a stunning country with diverse and challenging terrain, making it an excellent destination for gravel bike riding. Here are some of the best places to ride gravel bikes in Wales:

Brecon Beacons National Park

The Brecon Beacons is a vast area of natural beauty located in South Wales. The area offers a network of gravel trails and roads that wind through the hills and valleys of the national park. Gravel riders can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including waterfalls, mountains, and wild moorlands.

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia is another popular destination for gravel biking in Wales. The park is home to a range of challenging off-road routes and gravel tracks that pass through the mountains, valleys, and forests of the region. Riders can enjoy stunning views of the rugged landscape, as well as a range of challenging climbs and descents.

Afan Forest Park

Afan Forest Park is located in South Wales and is one of the country’s top mountain biking destinations. The area offers a network of challenging gravel trails and tracks, including the world-renowned Skyline Trail, which features steep climbs, fast descents, and technical sections. Riders can also enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The Mawddach Trail

The Mawddach Trail is a popular route for gravel bikers in Wales. The trail runs for 9.5 miles along an old railway track that hugs the Mawddach Estuary. The route is mostly flat and suitable for all skill levels, with stunning views of the estuary and the surrounding mountains.

Llyn Brenig

Llyn Brenig is a reservoir located in North Wales and is a popular spot for gravel bike riding. The area offers a network of gravel tracks and trails that wind through the countryside around the reservoir. Riders can enjoy stunning views of the water and surrounding hills, as well as a range of challenging terrain.

There are plenty more places to explore in Wales, it’s a big place and there’s plenty of countryside! So these are just some of the many great locations to ride gravel bikes in Wales. The country offers a diverse range of terrain, from challenging mountain routes to gentle coastal paths, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the stunning scenery and landscapes on two wheels.

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