Women’s Cycling Profiles: Olivia Onesti

Olivia Onesti

Date of Birth: 6th December 2003
Nationality: French
Team: Cofidis (Road), StarCasino CX Team (CX)
Former Teams: None!
Career Achievements:
2nd – MTB CX World Championship Junior (2021)
3rd – Valencia Cyclocross (2020)
5th – Marin Cyclocross (2021)
6th – Ciudad de Pontevedra Cyclocross (2021)
7th – Xativa Cyclocross (2020)
10th – Pierric Cyclocross (2021)
12th – French National Championship Junior Road Race (2021)

Who taught you how to ride a bike & how old were you?

I learned to ride a bicycle when I was 3 years old, it was my parents and my big brother who taught me to ride it!

What was your first ‘proper’ road bike & what colour was it?

My first road bike was a red Btwin, this bike is a legend for me 😂

Olivia Onesti

What’s the most important piece of kit/advice that has helped boost your performance?

My advice is to have fun, and to know why we make this choice 😉

What’s your favourite routes/places to ride?

My favourite place to train is in Queyras (in the Alps) in summer it’s just great for riding, you can find everything and it’s really beautiful. I’ve been going there every year since I was little, so obviously, it’s a place that matters to me.

Olivia Onesti

What tips do you have to keep the love of cycling going amidst all the training?

I don’t know … but when I was little we made bets with my father so that it motivated me even more (if I won the bet I had a gift), but then we stopped because I won the bets too often aha! 😂😂

What experiences are still to do on your cycling ‘bucket list’?

I think that I can still enrich my experience, especially on the road, with stage races, tours…

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