A busy schedule!

Every morning, the riders took advantage of the Apivia Parc facilities to take part in indoor muscle building sessions, complemented by outdoor sessions, whether on foot or by bike.

This one-week course also allowed the girls to talk to a dietician, to learn about good eating practices to take in hand throughout the season. An exchange with INSEP was also initiated, with a view to future collaboration.

At the end of the week, riders and staff went to Salle Gaston Neveur to encourage Stade Rochelais Basketball in their game with Toulouse. Almost packed, the cycling team was presented to the fans, by parading on the court of the basketball players at half-time of the game.

An introduction to rugby!

Present at Apivia Parc, the training center of Stade Rochelais, the girls took the opportunity to attend training for the Women’s rugby team, leaders of their group in Elite 2.

They were even able to put on boots for a little initiation into the field, under the advice of the girls. On the programme of the session, a warm-up and a playful match in mixed teams!

A bike trip with the sponsors

At the end of the course, despite the cold, the girls had made an appointment with our partners for a bike trip around La Rochelle. A moment of exchange and sharing between the two parties, which took place in a good mood.

What objectives for 2022?

The sporting director, Luc Soenen, discusses the objectives for the 2022 season:

This camp therefore marks the end of the 2021 season and the start of the next one.

This is an opportunity for the Stade Rochelais Charente Maritime Women Cycling team to thank all the sponsors who supported us during this great season, all of our sponsors who have renewed their confidence in us as well as the new arrivals. .