Marta Bastianelli Gent Wevelgem 2018

Italian top rider Marta Bastianelli gave the first amazing satisfaction to Alè – BTC Ljubljana, winning in Spain also thanks to EthicSport® products, a leading Italian brand in sports nutrition which has signed a partnership with Alessia Piccolo’s team.

For more than ten years, EthicSport® is working to satisfy nutrition needs from professional to amateur athletes, but also to inform everyone of them about nutrition troubles when taking part in sports.
A lot of time close to federation, teams and international athletes, spent to develop and improve step by step better products, to optimize performances in all sport activities.
For this season, also Alè – BTC Ljubljana chose this brand for its athletes sport nutrition, remembering that Endurance is since ever at the top of Riccione’s factory, which will provide to Fortunato Lacquaniti’s girls most innovative products as for example PowerFlux, Super Dextrin and HTP, all completed by special indications and nutrition tables made by experts.

“Our team is made by athletes involved everyday of the year in trainings and races, and we know how important it is to have a partner which will provide top nutrition products, to optimize performance during all phases and replenish all elements consumed” said Fortunato Lacquaniti. “EthicSport® has been since the beginning a very careful partner, and every product is presented and recommended in order to make the best use. Partners like them give us the opportunity to ride as best as possible at top levels, and we hope to cooperate in the next future to develop new important projects”

To find out every EthicSport® secret and product, take a look at the website at EthicSport