Alison Jackson complements Liv Racing’s selection

Liv Racing, the continuation of CCC-Liv, presents its second addition for next season with Alison Jackson (31). The Canadian brings in the necessary experience and fits seamlessly into the tactical plans. In 2021, the full Liv Racing selection will consist of: Sofia Bertizzolo, Valerie Demey, Alison Jackson, Marta Jaskulska, Lotte Kopecky, Jeanne Korevaar, Evy Kuijpers, Soraya Paladin, Pauliena Rooijakkers and Sabrina Stultiens.
“What has always been attractive about the team is their tactics and style of racing. I like that the team functions like family and it has been easy to discuss future plans together. I’m looking forward to taking my serious goals and my playful attitude into the bike racing with Liv Racing for 2021”, says Alison Jackson, the brand new addition. Renewed technical staff Lars Boom is the Liv Racing’s sports director from 1 January.
“I have been working with the team as part of the performance group since last summer. During that time I got a very good, professional impression of the entire organisation. I am ready for the sequel of this incredible challenge and cannot wait to convey my ideas and vision to the riders”, says Lars Boom, who will start the individual discussions this week in preparation for the next cycling season. “Next season we will have a renewed group with riders who have a lot of potential.
With Lotte Kopecky we have a topper in our ranks for sprint work. She will receive support from the team, but that certainly does not restrict others from taking the next steps to the absolute top themselves. The current selection offers sufficient scope and opportunity for our talents to seize their own opportunities. Overall we want to show ourselves from an attacking side”.
The team and Jeroen Blijlevens part ways. “We chose a new stimulus with Lars. But to be fair, this was not an easy decision. Jeroen has a history of nine years with our team. In that time, as a professional and race tactician, he has meant a lot to the professionalisation of both our team and women’s cycling in general. He was instrumental for talented riders making the step to the international top”, says team manager Eric van den Boom.
The Dutch UCI Women’s WorldTour team is registered with the UCI for 2021 under the name Liv Racing. “The team and the organisation are rock solid, thanks to bicycle manufacturer Liv. We ensure a professional top sports climate in which some of the world’s best riders can strive for the highest possible. We want to win and at the same time focus on further talent development”, says Eric van den Boom.
Photo credits: Cor Vos