Anna van der Breggen about postponing Tokyo 2020

Interview with Anna van der Breggen on postponing the 2020 Olympic games Tokyo 2020

(Source: De Stentor-Dutch newspaper).

-Some quotes in English-

“As along as the event was on the calendar we prepared for it. Therefore this clarity is also a kind of relief.”


“The decision to postpone the Olympics didn’t come as a complete surprise. How can these events proceed when the rest of te world is fighting against the virus, people loosing jobs and others fear losing their loved ones.”


“On the other hand it is also hard for the people in Japan. I have visited the country recently and know how important the event is for them.”


“Now longer Olympic champion? Well, not a lot of people can say the same I suppose, however if I could chose than I would have preferred to have raced in a healthy world.”


Read the whole interview here (Dutch only)