Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio also seizes the South African road title

Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio
Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio

Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio has provided another success to CCC-Liv. After winning the South African time trial championship, she also won the national road title on Saturday. “I am really happy with this victory. It is great that, when the season starts, I will be able to show the South African colours both in the time trial and on the road”, says Moolman-Pasio.

“My patience was put to the test today, I had to stay calm. It was not a very long race, just about 104 kilometres, all this over a rolling terrain without any challenging climbs. I had to play it smart, stay focused and be alert on the more difficult sections which I could use to make it difficult for the competition.”

In the last 10 kilometres of the race, Moolman-Pasio tried to get away, but she was caught again. In the end, a sprint with a small group made the decision. She beat the competition in the slightly uphill finish. “The finish line was just around the corner. I had already decided in advance where I wanted to go in case of a sprint. I placed a jump on that spot. Fortunately, I persisted and everything fell into place.”

Photo credits: Chris Auld/ Cor Vos