Assessments aimed at aiding Ronhaar with erratic performance: “It’s perplexing when even your coach is at a loss…”

Pim Ronhaar

The term 'inconsistency' could very well be synonymous with Pim Ronhaar, according to some circles within the cycling community. The young Dutchman, affiliated with Baloise Trek Lions, has expressed his dissatisfaction with this reputation following a rollercoaster of performances. Last week's Koppenbergcross was a particularly low point for Ronhaar, leaving him visibly bewildered post-race, yet he managed to secure a commendable fourth place at the European Cyclocross Championships in Pontchateau.The muddy conditions at the Championships seemed to play to Ronhaar's strengths. His distaste for tactical riding was replaced by a preference for an all-out approach, as noted by the national coach Gerben de Knegt. Ronhaar devoted the race to supporting his teammate Lars van der Haar, who made several errors preventing him from vying for the top spot and resulted in a bronze finish, just one place higher than Ronhaar.

Ronhaar's Endeavours for Consistency

Despite the fluctuations in his performance, Ronhaar remains cautiously optimistic. He recounted how a past success at Waterloo was followed by a disappointing showing in Overijse, which has taught him not to be overly confident. He acknowledges that while the result at Pontchateau was excellent, he is aware that his form is not guaranteed for future events.In response to the inconsistency, Ronhaar and his coach decided to undergo blood tests to determine if there were any physiological explanations for his erratic performances. He reflected on his pre-season aspirations to maintain steady form, which has not materialised as hoped. Nonetheless, the cyclocross racer took solace in his ability to deliver strong results when it counted.

Investigating Ronhaar's Performance Hurdles

Ronhaar openly pondered if the root of his inconsistent performances could be found within himself. He speculated whether his inability to train extensively post-Waterloo might be a contributing factor, expressing hope that an upcoming training camp under sunnier conditions could bolster his base level of conditioning. The mental aspect of the sport has not eluded him either, as he grappled with the possibility of a psychological barrier affecting his races. Determined to maintain a positive outlook, Ronhaar was candid about the impact of a coach's words following a poor performance. Disheartened by the Koppenbergcross outcomes, he realised the necessity to mentally recalibrate before the European Championships. He is keenly aware that succumbing to negative expectations could further exacerbate his challenges, thereby making a conscious effort to avoid such a mindset.

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