Back to Belgium for the Omloop van de Westhoek


Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports will be at the start of the Omloop van de Westhoek with a seven-man team on 21 March. 

The Omloop van de Westhoek – Memorial Stive Vermaut, as the 1.1 race is called in full, is a race of 131.9 kilometres. The past two seasons she was cancelled, in 2018 Floortje Mackaij was the best in the first edition for women.

The race starts with a 52.1-kilometre long run-up lap. After that, our riders have to complete six more local laps on their Krush Bikes. You always climb the Koekelareberg and just before the finish a kilometre of cobbles on the Lookhuisstraat. Enough opportunities to get an interesting match. 

It will start around 2 p.m. in Eernegem. The finish is around 17.32 in Ichtegem. 

Images of the race will be broadcast live via this website from 3.30 pm.  

Racing on behalf of Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports are:

Melanie Klement, Nathalie Eklund, Quinty Ton, Clara Lundmark, Nienke Wasmus, Marissa Baks and Inez Beijer