February 9, 2020, the peloton is shot away at 8.50 am in the Valencian suburb of Paterna for a course of 98 kilometers. The competition will take you across a relatively flat course into the Spanish interior. The finish is expected to take place between 11.20 and 11.40 on the Plaça de l’Ajuntament in the center of Valencia.

The final of the Vuelta CV Feminas is broadcast live by the Eurosport Player and  À Punt . The competition can also be followed via Twitter: @VueltaCVFeminas , #VueltaCVFeminas and – of course – our own Twitter account .

Selection Biehler Krush Pro Cycling for Vuelta CV Feminas
Melanie Klement
Nienke Wasmus
Quinty Ton
Laura van Regenmortel
Senna Feron
Henrietta Colborne