Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig finshes 5th at Strade Bianche


Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig finshes 5th at Strade Bianche

Yesterday in Siena the Strade Bianche took place, the famous race on the white paths in the Tuscan hills, which launches the Women’s UCI World Tour season. On the program for our 5 runners: departure at 9:15 a.m., 136 kilometres of racing including 32 on agricultural roads, with an arrival at the well-known Piazza del Campo at the end!

Relive the race here through testimonials from the runners and the sports director.

“The race went well, collectively it was still very very good yesterday. Unfortunately we lost Victorie in sector 5 who had some difficulty breathing and her throat was tight. : explains Cédric Barre, sports director.

“From there it was a 4 race. Marie, Vittoria and Grace did a great job of getting Cecilie in the best condition, the job was done. Annemiek Van Vleuten (MOV) and Lotte Kopecky (SD Workx) broke clear on the 7th gravel. Behind was a group of 5 girls, with Cecilie having to do a lot of effort to be able to join the two leaders. On the outskirts of the city of Siena, Grace was able to make her return to the group. So 12 girls showed up at the bottom of the last climb. Grace rode very hard to avoid attacks before the final climb and Cecilie finished 5th at the Piazza del Campo finish line. A podium would have been playable, the victory a little more complicated. I think that Cecilie not being at 100% of her physical condition yet, she missed it a bit.

We can regret the absence of Marta who would have been an additional force in the collective…

Nice performance with all the same a little taste of unfinished. But the girls did their best and that’s the most important thing. »

Vittoria, local of the stage reflects on her race: “It was very emotional for me to run almost on my roads, because there were many people on the road who encouraged me and it gave me motivation additional.

Of course, it was a tough race, and the wind made it even tougher.

I think we worked well as a team, we were always present in the attacks. I gave everything until the 6th sector of paths to help the team and then everything went as planned. »

“The Strade Bianche were as tough and unpredictable as they always promise to be.”, Grace tells us, “We had a strong run as a team, and still outnumbered after Sector 5 to watch for any attacks. The race exploded in Sector 6 and it was a battle to the finish. I fell in the last gravel sector, but I was able to fight to help Cille in the final. I gave my last strength to lead on the final climb. We only got 5th place at the end, but I think we can be proud of the way we raced, giving it our all on this epic course. »

Marie reflects on her first participation in the Strade: “Very happy to have finished my first Strade. On the trails it was great! After tactical level, frankly the team was there as usual, we showed a united team. Once the race started, we knew how to be collective to go and find the breakaways and try to take a breakaway that was going but in the end it didn’t necessarily go away so we instead bet on Cecilie’s placement to put her in the best conditions so that she can make the best result at the end. She finished 5th, I’m proud of her. She has something to be proud of, and we all believe in her.”