Coffee talk with Toms Skujins

Coffee Talk With Toms Skujins
Coffee Talk With Toms Skujins

Segafredo Zanetti caught up with Toms in Girona, Spain where he is currently in a country-wide lockdown, to talk coffee and cycling.

What’s your morning ritual?

I wake up, go to the kitchen and boil some water, and then slowly make breakfast. I don’t drink much coffee at home; normally in the morning, I have a cup of tea with milk.


How many coffees do you have before a race?  

I occasionally have a coffee before races, and also, I drink coffee sometimes during a ride, but on a daily schedule, I don’t drink so much coffee. When I do drink coffee, I try to have a cortado or a latte; however, I do like an americano as well. Before a race, I would probably have one Segafredo espresso on the bus.


Favorite companion for a coffee ride?

My favorite company for a coffee ride would have to be my fiancée Abigail Mickey and also Andžs Flaksis, a good buddy of mine from Latvia. We always have fun. 


What is your perfect “coffee ride”?

My ideal coffee ride would be riding along small roads, avoiding busy roads. I’d like to get some dirt in there also if I can. The ride would be an hour and a half long, with the coffee stop coming after an hour, that way you only have a short ride home after. It wouldn’t just be a coffee stop, but also, we’d get a little pastry or a slice of cake with the coffee that I’d share with Abby.

How much has your daily life changed in the time of this pandemic? 

During these times, my daily routine has definitely changed. Racing won’t start until late July or August at the earliest, so the training has changed. Obviously, going out for coffee rides is no longer a possibility. 


How do you invest your free time at home?

I have started doing a bit of studying, I opened a few books, and for sure I’ve watched a few TV shows. Actually, I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries rather than TV shows. Of course, I’ve spent a lot of time keeping in touch with family and friends because I’m unable to see these people. I’m definitely calling my family more and more, which is great. 


Also, we have more free time, so I’m trying to interact with the fans more. When you’re traveling and racing, you don’t get to do that as much, so now I’m trying to give the fans a bit more of an insight into my cycling life.