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DAS Handsling & Hutchinson-Brother UK merge for stronger 2024 season


DAS Handsling has announced a merger with Hutchinson-Brother UK to form a single UCI-registered women’s team, named DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK. This collaboration aims to enhance the teams’ presence in European races and provide more opportunities for their riders.

The decision was made following discussions between Hutchinson-Brother UK team manager Ian Watson, and DAS Handsling team management, Andrew Paine and Simon Howes. Their common goal is to expand into a more European-centric race programme, with multiple race applications across Europe and beyond already submitted.

With race confirmations starting to arrive, the newly merged team is poised for an exciting 2024 race programme. The merger, which brings together additional staff and vehicles, enables the team to run a double programme where necessary. This strategy ensures competitive performance in both domestic UK races and international events.

The merger presents a unique opportunity to expand the race calendar, allowing riders to compete both domestically and internationally. The team’s increased resources and support aim to leverage the riders’ strengths and facilitate their development and progression in the sport.

Details on the complete roster of riders and further sponsor information will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Despite the challenges in women’s cycling, the merger is viewed as a positive step towards creating a stronger and more competitive team for 2024 and beyond.

DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK will continue to use Handsling A1R0evo carbon road bikes, with Handsling fully supportive of the teams’ merging.

In a statement from Brother UK, the merger is described as a formidable alliance set to elevate elite British women’s cycling. The newly formed team, DAS-Hutchinson Brother UK, aims to nurture and showcase cycling talent both in the UK and internationally. By pooling resources, the team is well-equipped to target an exciting European race programme while maintaining competitiveness in British domestic racing.

The merger, made possible by the support and dedication of sponsors, is a significant step in promoting and supporting women’s cycling. Rider and sponsor announcements are expected in the coming weeks, as the team looks forward to an exciting and milestone-rich 2024 season.

DAS Handsling has seen several of its successful riders from the 2023 season move up the women’s cycling pyramid – Monica Greenwood will ride for Coop-Repsol and Emma Jeffers will ride for Liv-AlUla-Jayco Continental amongst others.