Deep Diving with Kiel Reijnen

Deep Diving With Kiel Reijnen
Deep Diving With Kiel Reijnen

A backyard adventure with the Trek-Segafredo rider

At home in Washington State, Kiel trains primarily on his gravel bike, a Checkpoint with eTap AXS. With the vast network of trails and paths available, this kind of multi-surface riding is his favorite way to spend time on the bike.


Kiel Reijnen, American rider for Trek-Segafredo, is not your typical pro cyclist. He entered the WorldTour at the late age of 29. He loves chopping wood and doing heavy yardwork. He even built his own house. Flashy cars, designer clothes, and status possessions aren’t in Kiel’s nature. This is a guy who would take bald eagles over Balenciaga any day.

While his job as a pro cyclist has kept him traveling all over the globe for the last decade, Kiel maintains deep roots in the Pacific Northwest where he grew up. With its rainy weather, it isn’t exactly the ideal climate for someone who has to log hours of riding every day. But it’s real and honest and that’s the way Kiel prefers things.

Be sure to keep up with Kiel and the whole team as they take on the races, and adventures at home.