Duolar Chevalmeire & JEGG-DJR line-ups for 2023 season confirmed

Duolar Chevalmeire 2023 Jersey

With the new Belgian laws about sponsorship by gambling firms, Bingoal Casino has reduced its involvement in cycling and stepped back from the naming sponsorship of the previously known Bingoal Casino-Chevalmeire team. The team will now be known as Duolar Chevalmeire instead and occupy the same sort of role in the Belgian calendar as usual. The team will be registered at the Continental level and will aim to push on and develop its riders.

The team will continue with Minke Bakker, Nathalie Bex, Kelly Druyts, Kelly van den Steen, Lotte Popelier and Olha Kulynych. New signings include Malin Eriksen, Antonia Grondahl, Andrea Martinez Lopez, Taneal Otto, Tara Gins, Cleo Kiekens and Lani Wittevronge. All but the latter 2 riders are over the stage of 25 and will bring their respective experience to the team’s new line-up for the 2023 season.

Duolar Chevalmeire 2023 line-up

  • Minke Bakker, 25
  • Nathalie Bex, 24
  • Kelly Druyts, 33
  • Malin Eriksen, 25 (joined from Keukens Redant CT)
  • Tara Gins, 32
  • Antonia Grondahl, 27 (joined from IBCT)
  • Cleo Kiekens, 18 (joined from Acrog-Tormans Balen BC)
  • Olha Kulynych, 22
  • Andrea Martinez Lopez, 28 (joined from Emotional.fr Tornatech GSC Blagnac Velo Sport 31)
  • Taneal Otto, 26 (joined from Rocacorba Collective)
  • Lotte Popelier, 21
  • Kelly Van den Steen, 27
  • Lani Wittevrongel, 18 (joined from Doltcini-Van Eyck Sport-Animotion)


The team is also closely linked with JEGG-DJR below the Continental level. Those ties were made more obvious last season when Thalita de Jong had to delay joining Liv Racing until June, so raced for JEGG in the meantime. The function as a development team for Duolar Chevalmeire. Elisa Serné, Juliet Eickhof, Willemijn Prins and Bente van Teeseling have all joined from the Multum Accountants team that unfortunately was forced to close this off-season. Noa Jansen joins the team from Duolar Chevalmeire for further development.

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