The series ‘Everything you wanted and didn’t want to know about…’ is the chance to get to know TALENT Cycling better. In this we present anyone who is involved in TALENT Cycling in any way pittge questions and difficult dilemmas.

Today it is the turn of Lieke van Weereld, esteemed member of the TALENT Elabo Elite Development Team.


Liek, Liekie




Small but fine

Favorite game?

Pros: Giro Rosa and the races I have done myself Ulestraten and Assen

Does pineapple belong on a pizza?

No, no, no

Describe yourself in 3 song titles 

1. Bicycle
2. Work Hard Play Hard
3. Paris, New

Favorite movie?

The Hunger Games

Which shoe do you click in first?


Favorite climb?


Favourite descent?

The dive to Aywaille

Guilty pleasure?

White chocolate

Always headwinds or always wet cycling shoes?

Wet cycling shoes

Name something on your bucket list?

Triathlon, visiting Japan and United States, climbing Stelvio

What’s your best moment ever on a bike?

Cyclocross Nationals and UCI Cyclocross with the pros

What animal would you like to be?


Who’s your idol?

Lars van der Haar and Marianne Vos

You can invite 3 people to dinner. Who do you invite?

Leontien van Moorsel, Harry Styles, Anna van der Breggen

One-day or stage race?

Stage race

What celebrity would you like to trade a day with?

Mathieu van der Poel

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been on a bike?

Lake Iseo

Olympic champion or world champion?

Olympic champion

What superpower would you like?


Would you rather fight 1 duck the size of a horse or 100 horses the size of a duck?

100 horses the size of a duck

What race are you going to forget and why?

Omloop van Strijen as a second year newcomer; was my first race ever

What is your hidden talent?