Farewell Trixi

Farewell Trixi

Trixi Worrack pedaled across her final finish line in Stage 6 of the Women’s Tour


While teammate Chloe Hosking battled to a 3rd place in the hectic sprint – her third podium of The Women’s Tour – Trixi Worrack rode across the line minutes later in an obscured 62nd place.  As she has always done, Trixi put her full effort into helping Hosking achieve another result, and then quietly rode it in.

It was a normal placing for Trixi, but this time it was different. This time, it was her last.

“I don’t know,” expressed Worrack after the race when asked how she was feeling.  “It’s a pretty weird feeling, and I think I will only realize this in the next weeks.”

Chloe sprints to third behind winner and next-year’s teammate world champion Elisa Balsamo.

In the twilight of her career, Trixi was a revered teammate, but her palmarès expose a past of a champion: a cyclist at the top echelons of pro cycling for many years.  Trixi, however, is unforthcoming of this time.   Finishing her career in support of her teammates and bringing Trek-Segafredo success is something she enjoyed as much, if not more, than herself winning years ago.

“I really had three very good years in this team,” Trixi continued, emotionally.  “I am happy that I could finish in this team. Also, this week was really nice, it was the best way to end my career.”

A little surprise for Trixi on the podium.

The Women’s Tour honored Worrack on the podium before the race in the team presentation, and her teammates were ready with doctored numbers.

Trixi never liked being in the limelight.

Somehow scribbling on their race numbers and creating homemade t-shirts depicted the perfect celebration of their reticent teammate.